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These services are available separately or in combination to meet your needs.

Therapy Session


Whether you're seasoned or new to counseling, it can be difficult to ask for help. I understand the importance of building trust and will do my best to create a safe,  supportive environment. We will work together to manage areas of your life that feel out of control. We will also identify, and develop, strengths you already embody as well as discuss ways for you to integrate wellness practices into your life.

Distanced Couple


When practicing couples' therapy, I treat the couple as my client. I provide structure and boundaries to create a safe space for couples to address their concerns. I have experience working with parents who are separated and/or divorced and I have experience helping parents develop strategies to co-parent. I can also support parents who have a child with developmental disabilities.

You don't have kids? No problem! I can help you too. I know that relationships are challenging no matter what your circumstances are and I am here to help.


Family counseling can be difficult, but if you are ready to make a change I am here to help. It is amazing how much progress can be made in just one session!  I help families identify the root issues, develop feasible solutions that meet everyones' needs, and create a fun, safe space that is enjoyable for all!

individual therapy
Couples therapy
Family therapy
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