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"It's worse to spend your life on the outside looking in, wondering what if, than it is to try and dare greatly and risk the chance of failure. Dare greatly; get in the arena and try." - Dr. Brene Brown

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My mental health experience includes working with people as young as toddlers through adulthood. I have worked in school-based and office-based settings, both non-profit and for-profit. I primarily utilize applied behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, family systems approach, mindfulness, and solution-focused therapy to treat anxiety, depression, family conflict, inter-personal challenges, and trauma. I also have experience utilizing play therapy and art therapy techniques. I practice using strengths-based, evidenced-based, and trauma-informed approaches to ensure your treatment is as successful as possible. 

My personal training experience includes working in a boxing gym, fitness center, and offering boot camps (both indoors and outdoors).


I utilize integrative medicine in both my mental health sessions and my fitness sessions. Whether you are looking to lose weight or improve your mood, food can be a powerful way to help you accomplish your goals. To learn more, check out my "services" page.

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